NurseWorth Update 2022


It’s been almost a two years since the blog has been updated. In the past two years, much has changed personally as well as in our world and with our economy. We’ve gone through a global pandemic, experienced the pain of high inflation, and now appear to be entering into an economic recession. I also … Read more

Financial Independence for Nurses

Financial independence for nurses

The nursing workforce consists of 3+ million nurses. Nursing jobs are expected to increase above average in the future. Nurses make an average salary of $73,000 per year or $35.24 per hour.  Is financial independence possible for a nurse? The simple answer is YES! Nurses are a broad, diverse group, so the long answer is … Read more

FI Update – May 2020


Our last FI update was in November 2018 with a net worth of $90k. I haven’t updated out FI progress because I’ve been hesitant to put our financial net worth out there for everyone to see. Personal finances feel very personal, but I know my favorite blog posts are the FI progress numbers. It’s always … Read more

10 Tips to Surviving Your First Year as a Nurse Practitioner

nurse practitioner

My first year as a new grad nurse practitioner was a difficult yet rewarding experience. I don’t feel like I had much guidance as a new grad nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioner school left me with lofty expectations of having a great mentor my first job who will guide me into my new provider role. It … Read more