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Nursing Student Loan Debt
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Nursing Student Loan Debt

You made it into nursing school. Congratulations! Getting into nursing school often seems unnecessarily difficult. Navigating nursing student loan debt and paying for nursing school

Financial Goals

FI Update – November 2018

We ended our October FI update with a net worth of $81k. At the end of November, our net worth has increased to just over

diy investing for nurses

Free DIY Investing for Nurses

A basic premise of investing is to sell high and buy low. That premise generally goes against our gut urges. Human nature has a strong urge to sell your investments when they are not doing well especially when they don’t do well over a long time. Creating a plan for investing in stocks and bonds helps balance our gut urges.

Money, Career, Investing, and Financial Independence for Nurses and Nurse practitioners. My path to Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) as a nurse and now nurse practitioner.