NurseWorth Update 2022

It’s been almost a two years since the blog has been updated. In the past two years, much has changed personally as well as in our world and with our economy. We’ve gone through a global pandemic, experienced the pain of high inflation, and now appear to be entering into an economic recession. I also gained significant experience as a nurse practitioner working primarily with geriatric patients in postacute care. My days as a registered nurse seem long ago even though I’ve only been a nurse practitioner since 2018. As a family, we bought a house in a high cost of living area and now have added a child and dog. My desire for FIRE has not diminished, and we continue to press forward in our goals of financial independence.

I feel I’m at a point where I can focus again on producing quality blog content aimed towards FIRE for the nurse practitioner community. I plan going forward to mainly provide content directed towards nurse practitioners rather than the general nursing community. This is primarily because I am very much removed from the general registered nursing world. My role and experience as a nurse practitioner is significantly different in many ways than my previous role as a registered nurse. Also my compensation model and pay scale are also significantly different. I don’t do shift work but rather set my own schedule with a salary and productivity bonuses. I now practice with a fair amount of independence with minimal direct oversight. I’m now on the other end of giving orders to the care team including the nurses. I have several years of experience now in how nurse practitioner finances play out. I hope to continue providing value as a nurse practitioner providing not only entertaining but hopefully helpful, practical educational content. If there are any registered/licensed nurses out there who are interested in FIRE and would like to write content towards the broader nursing community, please contact me.

We are not yet financially independent and right in the middle of our journey towards FIRE. The change in the economy over the last year provides uncertainty but also gives opportunity for continued nest building. I probably won’t provide much specific in-depth details regarding our personal monthly financials anymore mainly for privacy reasons. But I do want to continue documenting our journey towards FIRE while also hopefully helping other nurse practitioners and FIRE seekers on their path towards financial independence.

Hope you have a great start to 2023 and happy new year!