FI Update – May 2020


Our last FI update was in November 2018 with a net worth of $90k. I haven’t updated out FI progress because I’ve been hesitant to put our financial net worth out there for everyone to see. Personal finances feel very personal, but I know my favorite blog posts are the FI progress numbers. It’s always … Read more

10 Tips to Surviving Your First Year as a Nurse Practitioner

nurse practitioner

My first year as a new grad nurse practitioner was a difficult yet rewarding experience. I don’t feel like I had much guidance as a new grad nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioner school left me with lofty expectations of having a great mentor my first job who will guide me into my new provider role. It … Read more

Stop Wasting Money on Your Cell Phone Service

cell phone

You are probably wasting money on your cell phone service if you haven’t changed your plan in the past couple of years. A wireless plan typically costs you $50-80 after fees and taxes per month depending on what company you are with and what plan you signed up for. You also usually add in an … Read more